Phones Of The Future

Mobile Phones have evolved over the years. From the humble Nokia 1100 to the magnificent iPhone, these mobile phones have come a long way.

Simple Mobile Phones
Calling and receiving calls is just one of the usages of such phones. They double up as music players, alarms, editors, browsers, calenders, reminders, radios and what not.

Wide screen, QWERTY key pad, touch screen - the list of these jazzy features is endless. Yet, a human being has infinite desires and wishes. And here is a list of some features that I would like to have in my phone.

Advanced Cell Phones
How about a phone which unlocks when I say "Unlock". Isn't that being a bit lazy?

I would love a mobile phone, with a music player, that shuts down automatically after a per-defined time. This is perfect for those lonely nights when I desire to sleep to the sound of soft music.

A mobile phone which wouldn't set off the alarm if I'm sleepy in the morning, even though I have set an alarm, would be perfect. However, it should be intelligent enough to realize the days when setting off the alarm is a must (like the days when you have to write an exam, or catch a train or a flight).

Gen Next Cell Phones
A phone, with a music player, that would shuffle the songs as per my mood would be neat. That would be intelligence at it's best. Wouldn't you be thrilled if your MP3 player would play the song you want to hear after understanding your mood?

How about a cell phone which syncs up with a meeting calender and switches to silent mode at the start of a group meeting? And get back to the normal mode at the end of the meeting? That would be classy. It's a must need for any professional who goes through the horror of having his phone buzz in an important meeting with seniors.

With all these thoughts in mind, I think the cell phone makers still have a long way to go - in spite of taking such giant strides in technology.

Mobile Phones - What Next?

On a side note, I don't own one of these jazzy smart phones, but a humble Nokia 3 series. And all that I crave for is a simple dictionary app on it. Rest all things mentioned above promise to be mere pipe dreams, at least for the next few years.
Unless someone at BlackBerry, Samsung, Nokia, or Apple is listening.
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