Nature's Supremacy

Imagine yourself at a Formula 1 race, watching the high octane racing from a very close distance. The reigning world champion is driving his Formula 1 car at a very high speed, taking giant steps towards the Checkered Flag.

Would you turn your sights away from this spectacular sight to watch the sunset?

Almost everyone would say No.

Nature's Supremacy Sebastien Vettel Abu Dhabi 2013
Nature's Supremacy
Unless the sunset is a special one, with the eclipse coming to the fore as the sun goes down for a day.

This just goes on to show Nature's Supremacy in our material world.

P.S. This is what actually happened a few days back at the Yas Marina Formula 1 circuit in Abu Dhabi, when World Champion Sebastien Vettel found himself being ignored in favour of the almighty sun.

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