Be Thankful

A Hot Cup of Tea

It was half past 7 on an chilly November morning. I was making a dash for the office, having had a cup of hot tea at home. 

As my bus crossed the local market, I saw an old lady eating a biscuit. Within  a moment I saw her dipping the biscuit in a glass, the ones which they use for serving cutting chai. My eyes followed her biscuit as it made its way into the glass. 

I expected the glass to be full of a hot tea. Surprisingly, I saw the glass to be crystal clear. 

She pulled it out back, and ate it. Her actions left me flummoxed, only to realise that she had dipped her biscuit in a glass full of water. 

The moment made me say a small prayer.  And the truth was simple and plain, for all the things that we crave and lust for in life, these basic things which we take for granted- like the cup of tea- may not be available to all. 

And I learned an important lesson :- Be Thankful for what we have. 

Be Thankful

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