Formula 1 2009 - Mid Season Update

The 2009 Formula 1 racing season is mid-way.

The Hungarian GP completed today, and last year's champion - Lewis Hamilton - won his first race of the season today. No one would have anticipated this at the end of the last season!!

Well, here's a summary of the updates for the 2009 season till date.

Rule Changes - F1 racing saw a whole lot of rule changes this season. Some key changes were
- Testing was banned during the season. This has had a tremendous impact on the improvements which the teams used to manage mid-season.
- Slick tires made a comeback. This managed to boost the speed of the machines.
- Teams could deploy KERS on their cars - to boost their speed.
- Aerodynamics.

Check all Rule Changes here.

Here's a low down the F1 2009 car ( Courtesy - The Telegraph, UK )

Check the F1 2009 car

One thing that raked up major controversy at the start of the season was the diffuser - a small piece of equipment used at the back of the car used to improve speed.

Brawn Racing (ex Honda) used this diffuser to the best of their advantage. Their cars proved to be much superiors than the traditional power houses - Mercedes and Ferrari.

Needless to say, a Brawn driver - Jenson Button - is leading the driver's table.

And his team is leading the constructor's championship!!

It has been a disappointing season for all the Ferrari fans - me being one. However, i hope that these guys make a stylish comeback in the later half of the season and give Brawn Racing a run for their money.

Check out the Race Videos here

But one things sure - we will have a new F1 champion this year. Whether it will be Button, Webber, Vettel or Barrichello - only time will tell!!

Hope Ferrari makes a comeback next season!!

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