Formula 1 - 2008 - Last Lap

Lewis Hamilton lost the F1 2007 championship by a single point to Kimi Raikkonen of Ferrari.

Well, the same would have happened in 2008!!

But in one of the most thrilling end to a F1 championship - Lewis Hamilton beat Felipe Massa by a single point - on the last lap of the Brazilian GP.

The finish was so close that the family of Massa started celebrating his victory after he won the Brazilian GP while Hamilton was in a race position wherein he would have finished second in the championship!!

But as luck would have it - Lewis overtook the guy ahead of him on the last turn - and became the champion!!

Check the most exciting moments and the last lap of the 2008 championship below.

It was a heart break moment for Felipe Massa and Ferrari, while for Lewis's family and girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger - it was an escatic moment!!

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