The Professional Social Network

Here are a few reasons why you should not be serious about LinkedIn.

The below feedback was left behind by readers in this news article.

The Professional Social Network
The Professional Social Network

Feedback 1
When I was made redundant 3 years ago, the consultancy our firm brought in to help us all with getting employable (about 250 of us were let go) told us to join LinkedIn as is was 'the' place to forge useful contacts and 'network'. I did. For about a month. Part of the profile creation process is to 'follow' industry leaders and recruiters etc. So I did. And nothing happened except every time I logged on the only people asking to be my friend were fellow redunant colleagues. And my feed was filled with fatuous rambling dissertations on 'what an employer is looking for' by American PR people, whose ideas of what an employee should be were totally alien and aimed at US business school graduates. I closed my account.

Feedback 2
I closed my account years ago when I noticed it was mostly just old workplace colleagues who, how can I put it, didn't like me very much, we're sniffing around finding out what I was up to. Not to mention horrid people I was at school with and jilted love interests. Utterly disturbing and pointless Web site. I also left Facebook for similar reasons.

Feedback 3
It's a completely pointless website. When I joined I thought great, this will help me find work. But only one employer I've applied to has looked at my profile and that was after they rejected me. Employers aren't interested in using soical media to learn about candidates, that's just something social media companies make up to get interestment.

Feedback 4
I checked out various old colleagues to see how they were doing since I retired, and judging by the grossly inflated CVs they are all movers and shakers and industry/technological top dogs. That's strange, 'cos I remember them as the office plodders who wouldn't do anything unless some manager prodded them with a sharp stick. And that includes the training bod with "leading edge skills" whose snoring used to keep people awake in the next office each Friday afternoon. "Link in to my fantasy CV" should be their motto.


Interesting and intriguing, isn't it?

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