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By God's grace, I had an opportunity to visit the beautiful city of Bruge (also known as Brugge) in Belgium.

The city is located in the north west of Belgium, just off the coast of North Sea. It takes an hour to travel from the capital Brussels to Brugge on the Inter City Train. Weekend tickets are priced at an economical 15 EUR for a return ticket.

Bruge itself is a small city, easy to explore on foot. The cobbled narrow streets are a delight for wanderlust travelers.

A boat ride through the canals gives you a view of some of the quirky places in the city. Priced at 8 EUR, this trip is worth the money. The skipper is often witty and makes it a point to explain the details of the city during the 30 minutes trip. 

Bruge Canals
Relaxing by the Bruge Canals
The Belfry of Bruge or the Belfort, offers a bird's eye view of the city. The belfry allows 70 people to explore it at a time, making the waiting time to get inside a bit longer. The steps to climb the Belfry are extremely narrow, around 336 in total.

Bruge Belfry
However, the view from the top is breath taking. This is at 220 feet.

Bruge Square
And finally at 366, you get a fabulous view of the skyline of Bruge, a superb view of Church of Our Lady, and the Bruge Square down below.

Bruge Skyline 
Bruge Skyline - Church of Our Lady
Bruge Square 
London is just 230 Kilometers away.

All in all, people would love the city of Bruge , making it a place beyond belief.

Bruge - A Place Beyond Belief

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