A Sweet Twilight

The Church bells ring,
Signalling it's 8 o clock.
Time is moving too fast,
Ah, I am in a shock.

The "Goliath" world races ahead,
My "David" life is in a pause.
Unknown are it's reason,
Or is it my flaws?

Day to night, and night to day,
Black is soon turning grey.
Bridled hopes, this May,
For the time, they are a prey.

Wanderer of this lovely world,
My dreams are knotted and twirled.
All I want to is move ahead,
Dreams afloat, 'n wings spread.

Yet again, I am not in flight,
N the vision is not yet bright.
My destiny, before I write,
It is already a sweet twilight.

Once again, the setting sun, 
Colors the sky chrome 'n breathless.
Passing soon, without a fuss,
The temptress time, it's beauty ageless.

A Sweet Twilight
A Sweet Twilight

P.S. Every evening, at 8 PM, I head the church bells ring, signalling the end of yet another day, with the sun setting on the horizon.

These are the thought which cross my mind, to the tune of the angelic Church bells.

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