Dancing Man

Someone somewhere was dancing his heart out, oblivious to the world around him.

Two guys saw him dancing and rather than appreciating his effort, they went about criticizing him - posting his pictures on Twitter. 

The guy was disheartened - his shoulders and head drooping.

A lovely lady from California - Cassandra - asked the world to identify the man for her. She and her group of friends were offering "something special" for this man - DancingMan.

As the news spread around the world, she found a lot of support and DancingMan had a lot of well wishers.

And soon, the guy was found. 

He was Sean for London, and he was sending a hello to Cassandra and the world.

As soon as he was identified, he got an invitation for a mega party.

Before you knew, super stars were willing to shake a leg for him. It was a happy ending for the DancingMan.

P.S. For anyone who has left feet, this one is for you. Keep rocking!! Keep dancing !!!
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