Chivalry is not dead !

Vladimir Putin is known to be a tough man across the world, often drawing criticism for his high handed approach to various matters. The world saw a completely different side of the Russian President a few days back in China, while he was visiting the country for the APEC summit.

The lady who created this moment is Peng Liyuan.

Now you may say, Peng Who?

Well, for starters, Peng Liyuan is the wife of the Chinese President Xi Jinping. And yes, she is not just the First Lady. She is a renowned folk singer and an artist, a lady who can stand on her own.

At the recent APEC summit attended by Xi, Peng, Barack Obama, and Putin among other leaders, the weather got a little frigid on a calm November day in Beijing. 

While her husband was busy discussing world affairs with the POTUS Barack Obama, Peng felt a bit cold. After exchanging a few words about the cold weather, the macho man, Vladimir Putin (also a gentleman at heart) was at work.

He quickly draped his warm shawl around the First Lady.

The moment oozed with courtesy, and evoked a demure smile from Peng. It was a moment which reflected Putin's chivalrous side. The First Lady herself was balanced, sitting down for a moment with the shawl offering, before replacing it with her own coat.

See the video right below.

And how was this chivalrous moment taken in China? Well, it was not taken in the right spirit. 

Commentators went into an over drive, accusing Putin of making a pass or flirting with the First Lady. China is considered to control the internet with an iron first. Pictures and videos of the entire episode were removed from the internet accessible to the Chinese people.

The incident was also labelled as CoatGate.

So much for Chivalry.

P.S. Needless to say, the incident became a subject of many internet jokes. Catch one right below.

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