Lone Star

In this world vast,
I am all but lost.
Stranded on an island alone,
I am just another unknown.

In this world cold,
I was clean bowled.
Falling behind in the race,
Lost without a trace.

Mercy of the passing time,
Well past my prime.
Without a guiding star,
I am a broken guitar.

Life full of bright beams,
Only in my dreams.
The grand horizon is afar,
I am a Lone Star.

Lone Star

P.S. I would not blame you if you don't spot me. 

P.S.2 All things said and done, still I will look up.

Lone Star Lone Star Reviewed by Vyankatesh on Tuesday, March 18, 2014 Rating: 5

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  1. Stars looks cute when its spotted separately. enjoy the moment of ur sky every sec & min nice poetry. keep writing & smiling always.