Sad Effects Of War

4 Year Child Al-Qaeda AK-47 In Syria
4 Year Child For Al-Qaeda With AK-47 In Syria
Over the years, many wars have been fought in the world. 

The World War 1, World War 2, wars between India-Pakistan, US in Afghanistan, US in Vietnam, US in Iraq etc have brought immense destruction. 

Similarly, in may instances civilian conflicts have escalated into full blown terror and war. Recent anti government protests in Africa and Middle East are prime examples of such conflicts.

The reasons for such wars can be many - Dirty Politics, Tyrants, Oil, Money, Religious Extremism.

Numerous attempts to resolve such conflicts at early stages to prevent destruction to life, property, money and the human race have gone unheard.

But you know we have headed a bit too far into the territory of war and terror when you find a 4 year old kid brandishing an AK-47 assault rifle, firing his way to claps and applauds

This is what happened in Syria recently. Shockingly, a school going child is in possession of a AK-47 assault rifle, probably being glorified to be a Al-Qaeda fighter. 

Instead of having a pencil and a book in his hand, he has a AK-47. Where are we heading? What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children? Why do we want to jeopardize their future rather than securing it?

Innocent Syrian Child With AK-47 Al-Qaeda
Innocent Syrian Child With AK-47 For Al-Qaeda
Hope better sense prevails and we stop such wars, before the spiral out to destroy the innocence of children and the human race.

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