The Grass Is Greener

The grass is greener on the other side. So were we taught in our classes, right at the beginning of our basic education.

This short and simple lesson on Comparison has stood with us over time.

In fact, Comparisons were a part of our life much before we learnt this short quote. A few days or months after we were born, we were compared with other little babies - for our eyes, smile and what not. We were compared for being slightly stronger, or slightly bulkier. 

We were compared against others for crying less or crying more. And since then, comparisons have been our companions all along.

Isn't he taller than most boys in the locality ? Isn't she shorter than many girls? Isn't he more intelligent than the others? Isn't she more attractive than the rest?

Isn't India bigger than Pakistan? And isn't Pakistan bigger than Nepal? And isn't America bigger than India?

Comparisons are seen everywhere.

Isn't Loving better than Liking ? And isn't a best friend better than just a friend? Isn't happiness better than sadness?

And isn't a smile better than a frown?

Isn't a Sunday better than a Monday? And isn't a weekday holiday better than a weekend holiday?

Is black better than white? And red better than black? And white better than red?

Comparisons are inevitable.

Why do I like you more than anyone else? And why do I love you more than anyone else? Why do I love you the most? Am I good? Am I better?

All such thought play on our mind all the time. They don't rest, even as we go to sleep.

Why is Two more than One? And why is Three more than Two? 
Isn't night better than a day? And isn't a sunny day better than a gloomy day? And isn't a full moon night better than a no moon night?

Why do we compare everything under the sun? 

Don't such comparisons cause us needless pains? Don't such comparisons cause us needless heart aches? Or are they a necessary fuel for life? Or do such comparisons keep us on our toes?

Well, I don't have an answer to this basic human trait. But one thing is certain. We will always feel that the grass is always greener on the other side.

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  1. That's so true. The hardest thing to do is to find contentment with what we have.