The Ascendency Of Charm

Politicians are dumb heads. Time and again, however hard their breed tries to prove that they are sane and logical, one among them rises up and pulls them down again.

It was Sriprakash Jaiswal's turn yesterday. I am sure that his name springs a surprise. He is supposedly an Union Minister (which ministry we know not) and made himself famous across India by saying the below.

"Nayi jeet aur nayi shaadi ka apna mahatva hota hai. Jaise jaise samay beetega, jeet ki yaadein purani hoti jayengi; jaise samay beet-ta hai, patni purani hoti jati hai, voh maza nahi rehta hai." (A new victory and new marriage have their own importance. With time, memories of victory dim. With time, wives lose their charm, there's no enjoyment.) 

Needless to say, this poor remark has drawn the wrath of women across India. First and foremost, a certain Maya Rani is bound to be fuming. Maya is Jaiswal's wife, and she wouldn't be impressed with his lack of respect for her and her peers.

Don't find it surprising if you see Jaiswal eating hotel food for the next few months.  And if his neighbors peek into his house, they may find him sleeping on the sofa or the balcony, instead of the customary bed.

Secondly, he would have lost a lot respect from his kids. The first questions his kids would have asked him when he would have been back home is - "What were you thinking when you said that? Were you out of your mind?"

There are bound to be other questions too. Some of them may revolve around Mr. Jaiswal's manliness. I wonder if he would be forthcoming with some responses.

And you can look forward to Shobha De's column in the next Sunday Times of India. She will be ripping apart Jaiswal. And he would be so ashamed that he wouldn't dare to make such a clumsy remark. 

It is because of the mental attitude of people like Jaiswal that women are being held back from progressing. But the women folks should know better that men, like Jaiswal, who shoot off from their mouth do not deserve any respect. They should not be inhibited by his comments.

Lastly, charm is not a flower which wilts. It's a phoenix, which can only ascend.

Helena Christensen
Her Charm
P.S. For any questions on charm and age, Mr. Jaiswal can contact her. She is 43 and someone's wife. She is Helena Christensen. And yes, she is Charming.

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