You can consider yourself lucky if you get to learn something new everyday. And in this aspect, I hope and pray to God to be lucky - always and forever.

The thing in question can be something about your work. Or about the intricate details of life. Or about relationships. Or about inter personal behavior. The list is endless.

The thought currently in question is Respect.

Recently, my dirty ugly mind was on the way of showing disrespect towards someone.

Thankfully, I nipped the thoughts in the bud and converted them into ideas and opinions which made me respect that individual. And I felt happy.

By curbing my irrational behavior resulting from this disrespect, I adopted a positive and accepting stance arising out of the feeling of respect.

And came to a very important conclusion - Respect is the most important gift you can give to someone. And this can be given without actually telling the person.

It increases the worth of that person in your opinion. And being respected, that someone also feels an increase in self esteem.

Respect results in an upswing of positivity of mind. It is cyclic and improves the quality of life in general.

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