Maria Sharapova - Super Model or Athlete?

Well, It's a new year - and Australian Open has already started.

One player who was making the headlines was Maria Sharapova. The Russian star had supposedly made history by signing the most expensive sport's contract ever!!

Nike has agreed to pay her 70 Million US$. In return, Maria will adorn the Nike dresses for 8 years. Assuming Maria will play for another 8 years - Nike get excellent visibility across the world!! Maria certainly wouldn't complain about the money!!

Makes me wonder - Is she a super model or an athlete?

Well, Nike will get maximum benefit if Maria stays for a longer time at the tournaments.

We had a surprise at the 2010 Australian Open with Maria being ousted in the first round itself!!

One thing that attracted attention - maybe more or maybe less than her loss - was her peacock dress!!

Looking at her, I found it surprising on how she actually managed to play!!

Well, with 8 more years to go, we will certainly have many more surprises!!
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