About Me

Who Am I? Qui suis-je? मैं कौन हूँ? Кто я?

This empty blog page has forced me to write a few lines about myself - a thing at which I am really clumsy.

So here it is.

A dreamer by the night. A slumberer who loves the few extra minutes of early morning sleep.

A hardworking guy who is trying his best to compensate for his lack of adequate intelligence. A mortal who loves a few moments of light hearted banter which helps him relax, a few musical moments which give him a high, and a few quiet moments - just to be himself.

An individual who enjoys laughing out. A soul who thinks about the most unnecessary things.

And someone who loves to criticize himself. A somebody who has an opinion about a lot of things, but keeps it to himself. But then he does share it with a few people, only a real few.

A guy who has an image of himself which does not reflect his true self.

It's better to stop here itself, lest someone might unravel the secret - the real me!! :-)

A few words about my blog - A Moment Please

This is my personal blog - a blog where I jot down thoughts which catch my attention. A blog where I write down my views and opinions on various topics under the sun (not all, but those which catch my eye). The blog is only personal - by God's Grace.

From Celebrities to Economy, from Lifestyle to Politics, from Fashion to Trends, my humble blog tries to capture the pulse of the moment. 

The blog post could have been written at the spur of the moment or after a lot of thought. It could have been written at half past mid night or at two in the afternoon. The topic could be popular or it could be off beat. 

It could be something which you would like to read and see, or it could be something which you wouldn't like to hear about. Whatever may be the case, it's close to my heart. Of course, all views and opinions are duly respected.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Maybe that's why I spice up my blog generously with pictures. Of course, I wouldn't be able to snap up all of them myself. For this, I have to thank the internet - the search engines (Google, you are a champion), the news websites, the stock photo websites (Thanks Guys, for having your men & women at the right place at the right time) and my friends.

I hope that this little blog of mine brings up a smile on your face or kick starts a small thinking thought. Hope you enjoy reading.
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